The largest conversion preparation organization in Israel

Your First Step towards Official Conversion in Israel

The Nativ Civilian Program is a conversion preparation course that is offered throughout Israel from Nahariya to Eilat. The classes take place at convenient times in various languages. Nativ classes are subsidized and provided free of charge.

The Nativ Military Program is intended for IDF soldiers and National Service Volunteers

The Nativ Military Program consists of three stages that take place during military service. The Nativ Basic Course is a Jewish identity program for olim and the children of olim during mandatory military service. Upon finishing the course, students that are interested in conversion can continue their studies in two conversion preparation seminars.

The Conversion Process

The official conversion process in Israel consists of three stages:

registration for a conversion preparation class, studying Judaism, and appearing before a Conversion Beth Din.

The conversion completed by our students is recognized by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and Jewish Communities throughout Israel and the Diaspora.

The program is intended for citizens and permanent residents of Israel.

To continue the process and get more information, please provide contact details and we will be happy to get back to you.
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