Kasnya Zmaskov,
graduate of the Nativ
Civilian Program in
Tel-Aviv, 2015

Our classes are taught throughout Israel, from Nahariya in the North to Eilat in the South, at convenient times and in various languages. Since Nativ is a state-sponsored organization, classes are provided free of charge.

Our course of study introduces students to a rich world of content, including the Bible, Jewish History, Zionism, Jewish Thought, the Yearly Holiday Cycle, the Life Cycle, etc. Students are exposed to Jewish values like Charity, Kindness, and Hospitality, etc. During the course, students and their families participate in an educational tour and group Sabbath experience in a hotel. This course prepares students to be accepted as converts by the Conversion Courts of the State of Israel.

Our open method of study enables students to work out answers to questions and issues that arise before and during the learning process.

Our teaching staff is composed of professionals from all areas of the spectrum of Jewish life that guide their students through all the stages of the conversion process and in the meetings in the Beth Din. Often the personal relationship formed between students and teachers is so strong that it continues after the completion of the conversion process.

We consider ourselves obligated to provide our students not only with knowledge, but also with a supportive environment during the entire conversion process.

The Main Programs of Study

Regular Classes
Two evening classes per week for ten months.

Ma’agalim Classes
One evening class per week and one personal meeting per month for twelve months.

Individual Classes
A course of study adapted for students with special needs, such as a class in sign-language for deaf students.

Conversion in the Community
A course of study adapted for those who cannot participate regularly in standard classroom studies. This program includes classes and distance learning over the internet and personal guidance in meetings with a local instructor.

To continue the process and get more information, please provide contact details and we will be happy to get back to you.

The program is intended for citizens and permanent residents of Israel.

Official Conversion

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