Host Families

What is a host family?

As part of the conversion process, students need a host family that has a traditional Jewish lifestyle. We seek to provide each student with a family from which the student can learn many practical aspects of Judaism and which guides the student through all the phases of the process.

Hosting students preparing for conversion includes having them over for Shabbat meals on a number of occasions, accompanying them to prayer service in a synagogue, and helping them find a religious support system where they live.
The main goal of hosting is forming a personal connection and learning about Jewish family life in a friendly and supportive environment. It is hoped that the connection will continue after conversion once the student has become part of the host family’s community.

A host family that opens up its home to a conversion candidate becomes a living example of a Jewish family living according to Jewish tradition and family values, of what is beautiful in Jewish life. This is where the student learns best the meaning of living as a Jew, and how Jewish values are put into action.

Many converts who visited host families identified with and learned from the personal example, the atmosphere, the relationships, the tableside conversations, sitting together in the family room, and walking together to synagogue.

The converts need accompaniment, assistance, attention and warmth that will encourage and advance them in their development.
We would be grateful for your participation in this national, Zionist endeavor.

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