The Conversion Process

Angélica (Hilá) Levinson,

graduate of the Nativ

Military Program

The official conversion process in Israel consists of three main stages: registration in a conversion preparation program, studying Judaism, and standing before a conversion court
Conversion through our framework is certified and recognized by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and Jewish communities in Israel and throughout the world

Registering and Getting Started Learning for Conversion
When you register, we will find the best class for you according to your language preference and residential area, and we will connect you to the teacher who will accompany you through all the steps of the process of conversion, including meetings in the conversion court.

The First Meeting in the Conversion Court—Opening a Conversion File
Two months after the start of classes a brief meeting is held to open a conversion file. The goal of the meeting is to make acquaintance and coordinate expectations with the judges who will meet you at the end of the process.

The Second Meeting—An Intermediary Interview.
After eight months of study in a class, the students have an intermediary interview with the coordinator of their district court. The purpose of this meeting is to check that their conversion file is complete and to get guidance about finishing the process in the conversion court.

The Third Meeting – A Concluding Discussion
Upon completion of study in the class, a concluding discussion will be held with the judges whom you met in the first meeting. Your teacher and a representative of your host family will accompany you at this meeting. The conversion process will be completed at the ritual bath (mikveh) after a successful third meeting.

Having difficulties with conversion? Haven’t finished conversion successfully?
Contact our personal guidance unit for assistance:

The Basic Nativ Military Course

The Basic Nativ Military Course deals with defining and strengthening Israeli-Jewish-Zionist identity and serves as a significant first step towards conversion. The syllabus consists of six main topics: Jewish History, Zionism and Israel, Bible Study and Identity, Jewish Philosophy, Practical Judaism, and the Jewish Yearly Cycle.

The course takes place in a unique framework that combines classroom study, individual instruction, weekly excursions throughout the country, group Sabbath experiences, personal projects, community activities, acquaintance with the world of Jewish melody and more.
The course takes place in civilian facilities in Jerusalem, Zikhron Yaakov, Tel Aviv, Haifa and Be’er Sheba over six or eight weeks according to the service requirements of the soldiers.

Conversion Seminars

Soldiers who have finished the Nativ Basic Course and are interested in continuing the conversion process are eligible to proceed to two seminars (A+B) in the course of which they will complete the course of study required for conversion alongside practical activities, excursions and group Sabbath experiences meant to deepen and strengthen their personal experiences.

The seminars take place in civilian facilities. The length of the seminar is three or four weeks, according to the service requirements of the soldiers.

Upon completion of the seminars, the soldiers can stand before the military conversion court.

Nativ at the Beginning of Service
This is a special direct course of study that combines the basic class and seminars at the very beginning of military service. The whole program takes place at the Hodayot Youth Village.

Having difficulties with conversion? Haven’t finished conversion successfully?
Contact our personal guidance unit for assistance:

To continue the process and get more information, please provide contact details and we will be happy to get back to you.

The program is intended for citizens and permanent residents of Israel.

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